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Moser Baer India Limited is a leading name in the world of optical and digital storage devices, including CDs and DVDs.

Founded in 1983, the company has its headquarters in New Delhi and a global presence in over 100 countries with more than fifteen marketing branches and representations around the world. It employs over 8,000 people at its three manufacturing plants around New Delhi.


Moser Baer needed OPS shrink sleeves regularly for exporting their CD and DVD spindles to far eastern countries. Due to the initial unavailability of these sleeves, the company had to rely on companies based in Japan to import them, since Japan was the only country that was manufacturing OPS film.


Moser Baer was facing a lot of logistical issues as well as a long lead time for the sleeves to arrive from Japan. As a result, they were searching for an Indian company to supply them the OPS shrink sleeves. However, at that time, not many companies in the Indian Packaging market knew about this product.


By working in close association with Moser Baer, Taurus Packaging Pvt. Ltd became the first Indian company to bring the OPS Sleeve Technology to India. We started manufacturing the OPS shrink sleeves for Moser Baer, right here in New Delhi with utmost precision and quality control.

Since the OPS film is not easy to handle, we had to pay special attention to maintaining the right temperatures at all times – from the moment the OPS film leaves the manufacturing plant till the time the sleeve is shrunk and adjusted on to the CD/DVD spindle.


  • As anticipated, Taurus Packaging was successful in maintaining a perfect synergy which was crucial in manufacturing these temperamental shrink sleeves.
  • Since the sleeves were now produced in India, the pricing of the sleeves came down to almost half of what Moser Baer was previously paying to the Japanese companies.
  • The lead time came down by almost 1/10th
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