Founders & Partners

Managing Director, Packaging Expert & Innovation Leader

Mr. Rajesh Jain

The Managing Director and visionary guide of Taurus Packaging, Mr. Rajesh Jain incepted the Taurus Packaging in year 1995 and still brings the fresh perspective with 35 years of experience to the table. His engineering acumen has landed Taurus into a leading space in Packaging industry which was earlier started as a packaging material trading company. He is an accomplished Mechanical Engineer from MMM college Gorakhpur. He was the first one to launch OPS shrink sleeves, LDPET stretch sleeves, LDPET shrink sleeves, PLA shrink sleeves in Indian packaging market.

Today, his paths has carved a way for Taurus to be India’s no. 1 shrink sleeve manufacturer, with all India distribution coverage, exports to multiple countries, three manufacturing units and sales office in Noida, Delhi and Bangalore.

Chatan Jain
A Thought-Leader, Innovator, Global Shrink Sleeves Advisor and Author

Chetan Jain

The Executive Director and driving force of Taurus Packaging, Mr. Chetan Jain has single minded focussed himself on Taurus’ growth since start of his career. He finished his studies in Electronic Engineering and MBA from reputed college to equip himself for all kinds of technical and managerial work. His discoveries and innovations not only disrupted the market but elevated the shrink sleeves printing to a next level. It is this solution-finding approach, desire to innovate and need to deliver world-class packaging that led him to create Taurus’s USP, the revolutionary H.I.P. Framework.

His 17 years of professional journey is the testimony of unparalleled efforts, experimentation and experience. This motivates him to pen down his work in form of books. He authored two books namely – “Sleeve it Right” and latest is “5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves” which given him due accomplishment. Today, he is energising the Indian packaging industry to be at par with the international organisation.

Director, Learned Scholar and Organiser

Nisha Jain

Nisha Jain is an inspiring leader and holding force of the organisation. She is Masters in Science from Lucknow University and lady with sharp intellect. She played instrumental role in the inception of the Taurus from an idea. She is deft in managing the organisation culture where ideas are respected and given their due opportunities. For three decades, her contribution has been vital and has formed various divisions that instigated the Taurus intentions into fruitful actions.