Patanjali Ayurved Limited is a well-known consumer goods company and a leading Ayurveda brand known for its herbal, ayurvedic, mineral, and FMCG products. Ruchi Soya Industries Limited is a pioneering name in the soya food industry and a prominent manufacturer and marketer of healthy edible oils and was recently acquired by Patanjali Ayurved Limited.


Patanjali and Ruchi Soya wanted to jointly launch a 100% vegetarian, preservative-free nutraceutical productto be marketed under “Patanjali” and “Nutrela”. Since they intended to sweep the Nutraceutical market, they needed the product’s visibility to be the absolute best.


Even though both companies knewthat India’s nutraceutical marketspace is already overcrowded and cluttered, they wanted to overtake the entire market. There are too many big and small brandspushing their products using the most attractive packaging available in the market today. And to completely stand out in the middle of such cut-throat competition seemed like a huge challenge.


The team at Taurus, Patanjali-Ruchi Soya, and Design Agency worked round the clock, and jointly, we created the perfect design layout. After completing multiple iterations of the samples, we got the desired look exactly as intended.

Every element used to create the sleeve was the absolute best in the segment. From top-quality premium inks and metallic washes to foils and surface embellishments, we succeeded in co-creating one of India’s finest and most visually appealing shrink sleeves, ever possible. Soon after, the sleeves were created, and the new product got launched.


The nationwide productlaunch was animmediate success.

  • It created a big buzz in the pharmacies, stores, e-commerce platforms, health and wellness stores, gymsand Patanjali Stores.
  • Ruchi Soya’s shares hit the upper circuit of 5% at BSE after the launch.
  • And in just two months, it zoomed up by a whopping 96%!