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Patanjali Chawanprabha

Patanjali Ayurved Limited is a major consumer goods company of India with an exhaustive portfolio of Ayurvedic, herbal, mineral and FMCG products. The company has manufacturing units in Haridwar, Uttarakhand and is famous for its high-quality herbomineral preparations.

Patanjali prides itself for being an environmentally-friendly and quality-conscious company that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and maintains batch-to-batch consistency in all their productions.


Chawanprash is one of Patanjali’s best-selling seasonal winter products that is not only a dietary supplement but also boosts immunity and promotes fitness. A few years ago, Patanjali decided to launch a new variant of Chawanprash in the market during the winter season.


Since the launch was planned during peak winters, Patanjali had very little time to get the new variant into the market. Taking the cylinder time into consideration, the company realized that its traditional shrink sleeves will not be delivered on time and as a result, their sales would suffer. They felt that the only thing left to do was to drop the idea of the launch this year and wait for next year to introduce the new variant.


Taurus Packaging understood the urgency of the situation and moved forward with tenacity. Using our latest shrink sleeve production technology, the H.I.P framework, weexpedited the entire production process but produced what we call ‘HYBRID SHRINK SLEEVES’ in an ultra time-bound manner.


  • The perfected new sleeves were delivered to Patanjali within just three days from the date of receipt of the artwork.
  • Patanjali was able to achieve the seemingly impossible and successfully launched its new variant of Chawanprash in the market within the deadline.
  • Once again, Taurus Packaging was applauded for offering stellar delivery timelines.