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Fonterra Future Dairy, India

Fonterra Dairy is a Co-op with its roots firmly planted in New Zealand’s rich land.
It is a reputed manufacturer of high-quality dairy products including flavoured milk, fresh cream and yoghurt, Curd and more.

A leading Global dairy company established in 2001, Fonterra has built a strong customer base and made its presence felt, not just in New Zealand, but also across the world.


In 2019, Fonterra Dairy partnered with Future Group and planned a major launch of its products in India with a contemporary look, using modern and updated packaging formats. They wanted shrink sleeves for their Dahi and Yoghurt thermoformed cups.


The company found itself facing a critical problem. Due to the varying container shapes, there was a high probability that a major distortion would occur in all their PP cup sleeves. What’s more, their branding department was struggling to conceptualize appropriate designs for the cups to match the different shapes.


After understanding the challenges they were facing, we advised Fonterra to share with us detailed preview of all their artworks along with drawings of their cups. Next, we created ARC files which helped their branding team to see all their artworks in Augmented Reality, and our team did the pre-distortion to achieve the correct post-shrink artwork.


Our approach worked well and produced excellent results.
  • With the help of our ARC files, Fonterra’s branding team received all the information and support they needed to make an informed decision before finalizing their artworks. The Pre-distortion ensured the post-shrinking result was near perfect.
  • The company received excellent results from their brand-new sleeves.
  • The Big launch in Indian market was a huge success.