Bira 91

A refreshingly modern beer brand, Bira 91 is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. With a diverse portfolio of award-winning beers, they aim to drive the global shift in beer towards more color and  flavor

Established in 2015, Bira 91 is driven by a dynamic team of over 550 passionate beer lovers and is backed by Sequoia Capital India, Sofina of Belgium, and Kirin Holding of Japan.

Brand identity

Bira is famous for its experimental and innovative designs. Not just with packaging, they consistently work on new flavors and themes to offer the customers the bout of freshness in every sip.

Bira is considered as a funky, cool, and youth-oriented brand yet Premium in the Beer industry so they keep themselves very innovative, vibrant, and cheerful.

Brand Concern

Bira wanted to innovate the packaging to the next level. They had been working on the different concepts earlier but it didn’t clicked. They wanted to attract the Target masses by their first look. The packaging needs to be quirky, unconventional, and vibrant just like their brand.

They also came to realize that Printing cans (like the prevalent trend in the industry) are difficult to keep in inventories for a longer time. Due to volatile Govt Regulations, they need to print fresh guidelines and prices every time. However, with Shrink Sleeves, all these issues are tackled. Hence they came in contact with Taurus Packaging for PET G Shrink Sleeves.

Packaging innovation

Bira wanted to work on their products under the Indian series for its four brands. For these, they wanted to opt for shrink sleeves rather than going conventional ways of Printed Cans. The brief was “Sustainable packaging that gives them maximum glance by their customers.” Technically, full coverage with a quality Shrink sleeve was required.

Designing was closed and the production started with “Taurus packaging” delivering the curated needs in form of PET G Shrink Sleeves.

We executed their requirement with over and above expectation in given time frame.


Bira recently won 6 awards in the Packaging category at the Spiritz Magazine Awards 2022. They won the “Grand Gold” award for “Kokum Sour” and the “Gold” award for “Brown Ale”. Also, their inventory issues are under control.

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