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Having a global presence in over 170 markets including Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and the United States, etc., Bacardi Limited is the largest family-owned and privately-held spirits company worldwide.

Perhaps the most well-known for its award-winning and hugely popular BACARDÍ® rum, the company currently sells over 200 labels and brands.


In 2010, Bacardi Limited was looking at launching their Bacardi Breezerin a range of new flavours of pre-mix rum with Cola, Lemon, and Ginger, etc. At that time, they were using paper labels for their breezers but wanted something premium and different for their grand launch.


Back in 2010, the shrink sleeves industry in India was primarily PVC based, and developments in PETG was at a very nascent stage. Moreover, the Bacardi Breezer bottles had a narrow mouth which required the finishing of the labels to be perfect.

Our client, Bacardi Limited, had given us clear instructions to ensure that the bottle sleeves should look like they are a part of the bottle rather than a separate sleeve. Hence, our mission was to create the look of a printed bottle.


As luck would have it, around that time, we were already working on a revolutionary new product, LD-PET, that had a perfect shrinkage capability as well as a glass-like finish. We decided to run some trials of our LD-PET product for Bacardi Martini India and instantly, the results were approved by the management.


  • We not only met Bacardi’s brief but also exceeded their expectations.
  • The resultant sleeve bottle gave a perfect shrink finish, and it almost looked like direct printing on the bottle.
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