Parle “Smoodh” is a rich, creamy, and silky flavoured milk range. Recently launched drinks in the dairy industry have caused a stir in the market. Targeted for young, energetic youth, seeking quick energy and yearning for the sweetness and wholesomeness of milk. A pocket-friendly quick fix healthy drink, it comes in different flavors like chocolate milk, toffee caramel, coffee frappe, and hazelnut chocolate. It was launched in Tetra Pack packaging with selected flavors and later it was introduced with various new flavors in PET bottles.

About the brand

Parle is famous for the goodness of its products. They cater to consumers with a variety of products with good nutritional content. The Smoodh brand can be defined by words like vibrant, active, young, enthusiastic, and productive. It provides a healthy alternative to young people’s leisure eating. A perfect healthy drink partner for active youth on the go.

Executional Snag

Smoodh was very clear about the design element of its product container’s shape, yet getting the right packaging on it was tricky. They selected the bulb shaped design for Smoodh containers, from wide to narrow. They choose us (Taurus Packaging) to shrink-sleeve it from the start because of their trust in us for the best execution. However, the implementation was very tricky. Due to its design, the logo was part of the high shrinkage neck area. So the logo shrinkage has to be higher on the upper part than the lower part. Also, the shade was changing due to higher shrinkage in the packaging. On top of these issues, the white opaque shrink sleeves printing and runnability at the client’s plant was another challenge as it’s a relatively new film for Indian market. All of these technical and executional challenges could delay the development process.


Smoodh’s development process has made us revisit our all-encompassing knowledge and techniques of flawless packaging execution. It was a test for us too. The issues came up as we proceeded with the implementation. We had to manage the logo distortion with reworking on the design input.

After the design was modified, we had to rework on the colours to ensure post shrinkage colours match the required output on all parts of the bottles. It came out perfectly matched after shrinkage. Yet this was not the end of problems. While selecting the white shrink film, we expected lot of challenges to print and run the shrink film at our client’s plant.

We had to modify the sleeve and do numerous trials to get the right machine parameters to run with the white sleeves. Many stake holders were involved in this successful execution starting from machine supplier, PAPL, packaging team, PAPL production team and Taurus R&D team, which resulted in one of the most beautiful shrink sleeve achieved.

It was quite a challenging execution for us. And we delivered it as required.


Parle’ Smoodh was able to get the best-fitting packaging for their new bottle before time for a flawless launch activity. White opaque shrink sleeves increased the shelf life of the dairy product since it blocks UV and visible light. It also resulted in colours which looks distinctively attractive on shelf.

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