H.I.P. Framework

Transforming the Indian Packaging Industry with Flexible, Faster and Futuristic Shrink Sleeve Solutions

Hybrid Intaglio Printing Framework or H.I.P. Framework

Dynamic market conditions, changing consumer behavior, vigorous timelines and enthusiastic marketing needs have altered the face of the Indian retail industry. New product launches are the need of the hour, and one size no longer fits all, propelling us towards inventiveness, speed and versatility in packaging.

The H.I.P. Framework was designed and perfected to tackle these growing packaging demands in ways that are quick, efficient and cost-effective. A powerful and robust system, it addresses the concerns of development costs, order quantities, time to market and value additions, through the innovative use of technologies.

H.I.P. Framework is our USP. Method of production in flexible packaging, where the advantages of various printing technologies and software are intertwined together to achieve exceptional packaging solutions that meet urgent demands, minimizes development costs and offers never-seen-before ingenuity in print effects on shrink sleeves.”

Chetan Jain
Director- Taurus Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Creator of H.I.P. Framework

Maximizing Uniqueness Effectively: Hybrid Shrink Sleeves

The retail industry is more competitive than ever before. Customers are no longer easy to please, and brand clutter is a growing menace, pushing FMCG businesses towards finding newer ways to make their presence felt, be it new product launches or smart packaging. Hybrid Shrink Sleeves come to the rescue.

Developed using the H.I.P. Framework, Hybrid Shrink Sleeves creates an Area of Action that removes limitations and magnifies effectiveness in product development. It reshuffles the equation of quantities, development investments, timelines and innovations, and makes the brands they represent highly memorable.Formula

AV: Any Volume
DC: Development Cost
TTM: Time to Market
CI: Constant Innovation

“ Packaging is not just what it looks and feels like, packaging is how it works ”

Steve Jobs
Co-Founder of Apple Inc.



Any-Volume Demand, Customer-Centric Design, Time-Bound Delivery

Present-day retail demands flexible packaging solutions that support new product launches, meet short quantity requirements at lightning speed and save hefty inventory costs. Time is money, and the right shrink sleeve can save us both.

Hybrid Shrink Sleeves stand out for their stellar design capabilities including exceptional special effects that turn an ordinary sleeve into one that catches the eye and influence sconsumer buying. Made with the end-customer in mind, it maximizes effectiveness in design, details and delivery while maintaining a firm grip on development costs, MOQ and timelines.

What you get, as a result, is the flexibility you are craving in packaging solutions, so you never run out of feasible options to meet your growing needs and exceed customer expectations.

A Strategic Amalgamation of Three Techniques

H.I.P. combines the advantages and strengths of three printing techniques, Flexo, Digital and Gravure into one advanced Shrink Sleeve product that makes frequent changes and corrections in design, easy and cheap. Not burdened by order quantities, it offers winning customer experiences.

Powered by the H.I.P. Framework, we look at the end goal holistically, innovate where possible, cut costs and meet any quantity requirements swiftly.

Conventional Process
  • Bounded by order quantities
  • High development costs
  • Requires 10-15 days from artwork to delivery
  • Value addition limitations
  • Fewer possible innovations but demands higher order quantities
  • Design correction and frequent changes difficult due to cylinder cost
H.I.P Framework
  • No minimum or maximum order quantity limits
  • Fastest time to market, artwork to delivery can be achieved in 1-2 day
  • No development costs
  • Never-seen-before innovations in printing
  • Innovative sleeves with smaller MOQ
  • Unlimited design changes easy to achieve without development costs