Bisleri 50 yrs

Bisleri is India’s largest and most reputed drinking water brand synonymous with safe, pure and healthypackaged bottled drinking water. Bisleri International was established in the year 1969.

The company has its head office in Mumbai and 135 operational plants all over India. Thanks to its stringent 10-step quality process, 114 quality tests and a massive distribution network, Bisleri is trusted by millions of people, not just in India but internationally as well.


In 2019, the Bisleribrand completed its 50th year and wanted to commemorate this landmark achievement through their packaging. The company had a specific requirement. They wanted to use a bright gold effect on its BOPP labels.


The level of brightness of the gold effect that the company desired was difficult to achieve using regular inks. However, the use of expensive, high-end inks would interfere with their budgets and end up making the product expensive.


Taurus Packaging collaborated with the Bisleri team, determined to find a solution that would create the desired gold effect while keeping the costs in control. We made a series of changes to the BOPP film and inks and used Metallized Pearlized BOPP and gold lacquer to produce the same shiny gold effect that the management and branding team required.


In the printing industry, sometimes, a goal can be achieved by using multiple methods. By thinking outside of the box, we were able to identify the most economical and easily available solution to achieving the results we wanted.
  • Taurus Packaging successfully created and delivered Bisleri’s BOPP labels with the bright gold effect.
  • We not only eliminated the company’s worries about increased costs but also kept the costs of the new BOPP films to a minimum.