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The Resurgence of Paper Bottles: But Are They Even Practical?

From a sustainability point of view, paper reigns supreme. With the sensitization towards the perils of plastic usage increasing across the globe, companies are actively seeking recyclable alternatives to plastic. So much so that many leading brands are embracing paper bottles as their preferred choice of packaging!

Let’s look at this surprising pick in some more detail. 



 Though paper bottles have been around for some time now, their popularity is seeing an upward swing, with big brands like PepsiCo and Absolut now looking to transition from plastic to paper bottles.


A feature on Packaging Digest provides an in-depth look at this shift – 

Interestingly, brand Johnnie Walker’s parent company Diageo is all set to package their spirits brands in 100% plastic-free bottles this year.

Here’s what Drishti Masand, Market Analyst, and Associate at Lux Research had to say about this growing shift in an exclusive interview with Packaging Digest –

“While the concept of a paper bottle is not new, it can be considered as an emerging trend as the popularity and awareness of it is on the rise at the moment with more brands and industries, for example, personal care brands like L’Oréal also adopting paper bottles.”

When asked about the shortcomings of plastic packaging, she pointed out how paper-based packaging requires greater mass than plastic to complete the same function. So in a way, paper’s impact on the environment other than its carbon footprint is higher.

What’s more, relying on paper is a temporary hack as it can result in a major shortage in supply and the higher price is another factor that shouldn’t get ignored.


Though it may seem as though the influx of paper bottles can cause a major upheaval in the realm of plastic bottles, it will still take a lot of time for any significant changes to happen. More so because there is considerable hope that recycling plastics will see widespread innovations and technological breakthroughs over the years.



Even if companies start adopting paper bottles extensively to package their beverages, these bottles will still require an internal plastic lining to protect them from environmental factors. Now, considering, this plastic must be separated for proper recycling, the problem still remains, especially because companies are not using such advanced technology. And then there is the question about the plastic bottle caps which also must be removed.



Though it may seem as though we have found a solution to the plastic recycling problem in paper bottles but in reality, it isn’t as straightforward as it may appear. Even if paper bottles do get more takers, it still doesn’t have the capacity to disrupt the plastic bottle industry in a major way. There is hope that with time, many more innovations will be made in the recycling technologies that will help our industries to conquer the plastic menace.


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