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Shrink Sleeves on Beer Cans & Their Advantages

We all know that shrink sleeves have revolutionized the packaging industry with their numerous features and functions. And now its benefits are also being felt by small-scale manufacturers, particularly those dealing in all kinds of aluminum cans.


Bottles  Vs. Cans

There has been a growing shift in the popularity of aluminum cans as a preferred choice of material. You will see more and more beer, cocktail, and juice brands now opting for packing their products in these cans rather than bottles.

Several reasons contribute to this preference.

Customers prefer cans over bottles as they are highly portable. Moreover, aluminum cans keep the beverage fresh and reduce costs. And the best part, tech innovations have made it possible to package these cans with pre-printed shrink sleeves which is a major improvement over traditional printing done over the cans.


Packaging on cans using shrink sleeves

Let’s look at the top benefits of opting for shrink sleeves as a preferred choice of packaging for beverages and beer cans –

Seamless integration & Appeal: One of the major advantages of shrink films on cans is that they take the shape and form of the containers with ease and provide a seamless look and finish. You can go all out with the colour choices and graphics, etc., so your products stand out on shop shelves. The graphics get complete coverage over the entire body of the container and enhance the end-user experience.

Flexibility: Shrink films provide amazing flexibility to product manufacturers and marketers. Since the graphics and design are first finalised, then printed, and then attached to cans, they make it easy to customise or create new designs as and when required, reducing the need to maintain a high inventory. Simply tweak or finalise a new design, get them printed on sleeves; then go ahead and get them onto the required number of blank cans.


Beer cans – Regulations in India

The Indian Liquor Excise Law requires that beer cans carry specific markings, highlighting the name of the state or Union Territory.

For craft beers and alcoholic cocktails manufacturers, this becomes a challenging and cumbersome task, especially if they have multiple flavors or variants. It becomes too much of a task to keep the inventories of each state’s printed cans, especially if the requirement falls at the low to mid-level for niche products.

Clearly, sleeving on cans can be a huge success in such cases.


Did you know?

Taurus Packaging can help you with short quantities for state-wise excise approvals as well as easy, low volume orders for each state’s specific labels.


With us, you get to benefit from the following –

  • Save big on inventory costs as there is no need to maintain high inventories.
  • Get sleeves quantity lower than MOQ of printed cans
  • Get highly attractive shrink sleeves for your beverage cans that get your products noticed on shop shelves.

Now that you know about the benefits of sleeves on cans, it’s time to revisit your packaging initiatives and make the best of this popular and highly beneficial technology. There’s a lot we can do with finishes and patterns so sky is the limit for your packaging priorities.

Would you like to know more about how Taurus Packaging has helped beverage clients solve their packaging needs and save big on costs? Contact Us and we will be happy to share our case studies with you.