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Taurus Packaging – Experts To Ace Your PVC To PETG Shrink Sleeve Shift.

There have been a lot of discussions about the importance of shifting from PVC shrink sleeves to PETG shrink sleeves. While a total shift to PETG may not be easy since all types of shrink tunnels and containers are not replaceable with PETG shrink sleeves, companies are looking to make this transition to comply with global standards and for the sake of the environment.

After all, PVC is one of the most troubled plastics in use today, and this calls for serious efforts to negate its bad effects. But how to know whether or not shifting to PETG is feasible for your company? And what is the correct course of action to make this shift with minimum disruption and maximum benefits?

These questions become even more relevant when you take into account that almost 90% of PVC to PETG projects fail or get stalled due to insufficient knowledge, lack of proper planning, lack of expert guidance, and costly mistakes.

It’s here that you need the expertise of a Shrink Sleeve specialist like Taurus Packaging.


Taurus Packaging – Pioneers in PVC to PETG Transition

 Judging the suitability of a move from PVC to PETG shrink sleeves is the job of an expert. Someone adept at understanding the technicalities and short-term and long-term repercussions of this shift. That’s why companies across India trust Taurus Packaging.


With Mr. Chetan Jain at the helm, Taurus Packaging–

  • Provides clients sustainable non-PVC shrink sleeves with exceptional ease zero or minimal additional costs.
  • Helps clients to convert their PVC sleeves to PETG sleeves without changing their existing Shrink Tunnel infrastructure.
  • Educates their clients from start to finish, teaching them the essential steps they need to follow to complete the transition from PVC to PETG.
  • Offers detailed hand holding from start to finish while paying attention to minute details, so there are no mistakes or loopholes.
  • Provides up to 5 of the latest, most innovative sustainable non-PVC shrink sleeve options that you can start using for your business.
  • Informs their clients why 90% of the PVC to PETG projects fail and how to avoid those mistakes.


Over the years, Taurus Packaging has carried out hands-on research in PVC to PETG shift. They have worked on numerous client projects and delivered fool-proof solutions that support our environment while being economically feasible.

One of the perfect case studies of their achievements is when one major client was struggling to shift from PVC to PETG for two years after trying with multiple sleeve suppliers and failed to shift even after modifying their shrink tunnels. And they then helped achieve the perfect result in PETG sleeves in one attempt.

Their dedicated team of experts is available round the clock with advice and direction on how to move from PVC to PETG sleeves.

If you are considering making the big shift to PETG shrink sleeves, contact Taurus Packaging today! Their skilled team of experts will reach out to you to discuss your needs and guide you.


You can also reach out to Mr. Chetan Jain and book a free discovery call with him at