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Out of PVC. Into the Beneficial world

We all know that moving towards sustainable actions is the need of the hour. Yet, we have been so comfortable using PVC for packaging that we have forgotten or neglected its harmful effects. There is so much information available on internet about plastic that difference between PVC or other sustainable options seem like almost similar. Here, this blog, will share the technical points through which you can easily consider moving out of PVC.

For 17 years, I have worked in this packaging industry and have witnessed it evolving continuously. I have always appreciated the use of Sustainable plastic. Topics of my Blogs, videos, and presentations have been quite frequent on Recycling and Sustainability. As an International Speaker and Shrink Sleeve Expert, I have always pushed the Recycled & sustainable plastic use in packaging. Today, the global shift has been towards

sustainability for holistic growth. It is a change that is widely appreciated. Still, coming out of PVC seems like a big task for brands that are using it inside and out. Let us go through all the points that makes PVC a DANGER for everyone. I hope this will help you in taking decision quickly for moving OUT OF PVC.

Health Implications

PVC – Poly Vinyl Chloride, the most common plastic source used in shrink sleeve packaging. In packaging industry, PVC comes as an easy option. Although, this easy option comes at disposal of harmful effects. Chlorine in PVC on decomposition and incineration produce chemicals and toxins in the environment. These toxins are then enter organism through soil, water or air creating disastrous threats like – cancer, pulmonary diseases or genetic mutations. PVC are mixed with various plasticisers to increase the flexibility and durability. β€œPthalates” are one of the known to create mental disorder in human beings. Marine life, plants, animals or birds, nothing is spared from PVC.

Low Printing Quality

When it comes to the quality input, innovations has gone beyond expectation. Today, we have various option in substrate that gives us better results. In technical language, PVC has low shrinkage, only upto 50-60% TD shrinkage value. Shrink Initiation Temperature and the Peak Shrinkage Temperatures of PVC shrink sleeve is the reason. This can result in numerous shrinking limitations. Flowering effect is commonly seen because of this. Other factors like, shrink force, steam or hot air tunnel, Hot Melt or HAL and ambient temperature are few factors on which new substrates are showing PVC-like results and in many cases better results.

Global Movement

Considering the PVC harmful effects, countries have come up with other alternatives which are conducive to environment. Packaging industry has appreciated the substrates like PETG, PLA, OPS, LD-PET, TruCycl, Floatabel etc. Many countries have banned or discourage the use of PVC in any industry. They have even offered the subsidies and benefits for environment friendly packaging techniques. Carbon credits are strengthening the use of sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. In India too, this shift has already started but it has to get the momentum for concrete results.

By opting the Sustainable and Recyclable packaging shrink sleeves we can contribute, not only to our work but also to our environment. It is a win-win situation. Quality packaging with environment benefits. The points listed above are useful for taking the first step. We are available to help you for cost-effective sustainable shrink-sleeve packaging incorporation.

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