Shrink Sleeves

Exclusivity with Sustainability

The flexible packaging industry is quite in congruence with its name. The requirements in industry are as vibrant as consumers’ thoughts. For a decade, the industry focused on fast development, and then the industry was led by fast output with no MOQ technology. This technology was still reigning in the world when sustainability took priority.

And now this global requirement is topped with innovation to boost Exclusivity in Sustainability.

Such a fast-changing industry… Hello Friends! I am Chetan Jain, shrink sleeve guide, international speaker, and executive director of Taurus Packaging. I have been writing articles and blogs on different topics based on flexible packaging, specifically shrink sleeves. As an author, my motive is to mitigate the difference between current practices and innovative technologies. With 16 years of experience, the shrink-sleeve industry never fails to provide me with subjects I canโ€™t refer to. So let me throw my perspective on Exclusivity in Sustainability.

Sustainability is not just a formality that we need to consider for government norms and subsidies. It is futile unless we practice in every process. Opting for sustainable and recyclable substrates is the start. There are plenty of options available these days that provide a healthy packaging choice. This single step can change the whole industry. Collection, segregation, and processing will operate on different levels. Providing much clarity and ease. Mono-material is another significant approach. Opting for a single sustainable packaging substrate in bottles as well as shrink sleeves is a game-changing movement. As I told you, sustainability provides a bouquet of opportunities to explore. Water-based inks and adhesives are another area to explore.

Coming to another point, how do you provide exclusivity to your packaging? It can be done in various aspects. You may provide fast TAT for your developments; you could use different packaging in small quantities; and you may also think of going sustainable. Yet, the most promising point is to offer embellishments and tactile effects. This technology can be driven by 2.5D printing. In taurus packaging, our 2.5D printing technology provides a soft, wet, sand texture on the printing surface. You can also opt for gold or silver foil to highlight the packaging. Holographic printing can also be added to packaging to avoid counterfeiting.

Today, brands want to be ahead of the curve with innovations and technology. To be the top-pick brand in the supermarket aisle, a brand must convince customers about its premium and exclusive approach to sustainability. And this starts with packaging. Combinations are deadly. Sustainability for the worldโ€™s benefit and premium customisation for exclusivity.

All you need to do is connect with your packaging partner to implement it in your product. If you face any issues, what are we here for? You can resolve your queries with us. We can guide you to suitable measures without any cost. It is a simple step, and it is in my own interest to help everyone who is seeking technical guidance in shrink-sleeve printing packaging.

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