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Expensive or Cheap – How to Determine the Right Price of Shrink Sleeves?

One question that buyers frequently ask me is: Why are your shrink sleeve prices high? Also, why some manufacturers sell their shrink sleeves at unimaginably lower prices than the market price?

So this article is particularly important if you want to understand what makes shrink sleeves expensive or cheap. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’ll be able to get the optimum price for your shrink sleeves.

Shrink sleeve price differences can occur due to various reasons, such as the use of blown PVC instead of cast PVC &PETG. Owing to their different manufacturing techniques, Blown PVC has a lot less clarity as compared to Cast PVC.

Some suppliers provide sleeves in blown PVCinstead of using the ideal CAST PVC.

While in certain designs or scenarios, the buyer may not notice the difference in blown PVC or CAST PVC (which prompts these printers to use the cheaper blown version), in the long run, it can create problems for the brand.

So this is how manufacturers manage to get their sleeve prices lower when they use blown PVC.


Problems With Blown Pvc

  • Thickness variations
  • Lesser gloss
  • Machine process scratch lines
  • Gel particles
  • Uneven shrinkage
  • Printability issue due to thickness variations
  • Lower shrinkage percentage
  • High natural shrinkage in room temperature

Other than the use of CAST PVC, there are some other ways printers use to reduce costs by compromising on specifications.


These include:

  • Lowering the thickness of the film
  • Reduction of ink GSM of white but compromising on opacity
  • Using non-shrink inks which may cause the ink to bleed or create mottling.



Packaging is the most important aspect of a product. And even though the consumer may use the product, later on, the buying decision still depends on the packaging.

  • Bad printing can lower your brand value, irrespective of whether you are an FMCG giant or an SME brand.
  • Poor packaging may even prompt a consumer to think the product is fake or duplicate.

That is why I recommend never compromise on the quality of your product’s packaging.

Since the cheapest packaging is not necessarily the right choice, it is better to aim for the right price for the quality of shrink sleeves you want for your products.

How to Know the Right Price Of SHRINK SLEEVES?


Here’s the correct approach:

  • See what should be the optimum pricing of the sleeves for your specs, and then negotiate in the tolerance of the costing.
  • Ask for a price break-up or cost-sheet. Judge the correct pricing, instead of going for the cheapest.


Here are some easy tips to get the best shrink sleeve pricing:

Low Quantities: If the quantities are low, choose the right printing technology to keep costs under control. For example, for smaller quantities, you can avoid investing in expensive cylinder costs.

Thickness: Always choose the right thickness of shrink film. Don’t buy higher thickness if it is not affecting the regulations or product.

PVC Vs PET-G: Right now, PVC prices are at an all-time high. So, switch to cheaper PETG and save costs. Also, ask your supplier whether they have the know-how to help you shift from PVC to PETG.

Innovation: Check if your sleeve buyer uses the H.I.P. framework or its equivalent so they can give you the lowest price possible as per the order quantity. You can avoid high inventory costs.


The packaging of your products can make or break the shopper’s buying experience. So before buying the cheapest shrink packaging that can jeopardize your sales, look for a manufacturer who will offer you an optimum price for the right specification decided by your team.

If you need an expert opinion on which shrink film or printing technology to use for your products, feel free to book a discovery call with me at www.chetan-jain.com, and I will be happy to assist you.


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