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5 Best Plastic-free Packaging For The Future

It is a well-known fact that non-biodegradable materials such as plastic are harmful to our environment and planet. They create waste and put us in danger. Yet, plastic usage continues in various applications, including product packaging.

Though various reasons contribute to the reality, there are some innovative alternatives to plastic we can use for our packaging needs – and create a better and healthier world for us and our future generations. Let’s look at them briefly.

You can read in detail about these plastic-free, environment-friendly packaging options and their innovative creators here.

#1. Environment-Supportive Sugar Cane Packaging Labels
Yes, you read it correctly. A biobased PE film made from sugarcane ethanol is replacing the conventional film developed using petroleum polyethylene. It can be processed just like its conventional counterpart, keeping costs low and making it a good option for labelling certain items like food and cosmetics.

#2. Natural Packaging Using Biological Waste
Considering that producing as little as one cube of Polystyrene calls for more than a litre of petrol, finding a greener option is much needed. And it came in the form of bio waste mixed with certain fungal cultures or mycelium and allowed to grow.

#3. Liquid Food Packaging Using Seaweed
The invention of packaging made from bio-degradable seaweed that is also edible is one of the most revolutionary innovations of our times. Think of it as the fruit’s natural packaging or a waterproof skin. And all this while keeping the process straightforward and cheap.

#4. Plant-made Compostable Bottle
Bottles made from bioplastics contain lactic acid. Since they are biodegradable and much cheaper than plastic, they make ideal and safer packaging options for liquids. Also, these bottles are free from plasticizers and other dangerous substances.

#5. Packaging Film Made from Milk Proteins
A sustainable and edible alternative to the oil-based film is thin packaging films made from milk protein or casein. In addition to blocking oxygen better than ordinary films, they can even be dissolved and consumed!

SOURCE: lead-innovation.com

It is encouraging to see the excellent work companies and start-ups are doing globally to find safer packaging solutions to save our environment. Let’s keep a look out for these greener alternatives to plastic & do our best to become responsible businesses.

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