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Does your packaging partner suffice to all above points? Or have proper technical knowledge and expertise in handling alternate shrink sleeves substrates? To continue the series of the blogs for overcoming counterproductive PVC being used in Packaging, here is another article focusing on the implementation of eco-friendly substrates.

For years, I was focusing on the technological advancements in flexible packaging. My 17 years of elaborate experience has specific focus to evolve in flexible packaging process. I wrote 3 books to concise this information into actionable items. My second book – “5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves” declutter the misconception of sustainable substrate. Recently, I was at the global platform discussing similar issue. Sustainability in flexible packaging has capability to grow in leaps and bound. We just need to be open about this change.

We are discussing the much newer substrates – NEXT PETG and PETG this time. There is no short way to know the substrates but to try and test them out; one by one. I have delved into the subject of sustainable packaging for more than 6 -7 years and in that short period, hardly a day passes without noticing an article on the sustainable or recycled packaging opportunity. In country like India, PVC is still dominating the shrink sleeve packaging market, however many countries have switched its packaging from harmful PVC to sustainable or recyclable ones. These changes in India are under progress and a complete switchover is imminent. This is the perfect time to learn challenging market of new substrates.

Let’s take PETG substrate first, and analyse how technical proficiency is required to handle it. PETG give best result in steam tunnel. It is usually opted by beverage brands. It shows good compatibility with various bottles type like PET, PP or HDPE particularly with PET containers. PETG has more shrinkage ratio, at higher temperature (more than recommended) rigidity appears, hence it is not a preferred choice for hot-air tunnel. Wrinkle effect is obvious with PETG if slightest variation in temperature is ignored. This is just a start, there are numerous challenges that defines perfect shrink in PETG. Air entrapment, distortion, Hot Melt issue, Shrink Force, SIT, etc. are a few of them which is impossible to discuss here at once.

Another such complex substrate is NEXT PETG. This is less known substrate in the market. This substrate has an advantage over PETG. It is opted in both hot-air tunnel and steam tunnel. It is more flexible than most grades of PETG. With its carefully designed shrinkage, loosening of the sleeves is rarely seen with NEXT PETG. It offers better value for money than other non-harmful substrates. Needless to say, other factors too play a crucial role in perfect shrinkage.

Both these substrates are non-toxic to humans and environment and not much hard on budgets unlike other renewable or sustainable ones. Picking right combination of technologies as per requirements and understanding the technical nuances of substrates is the key. It’s not the cup of tea for every packaging supplier who do not go beyond PVC. And of course, the sustainability in the shrink sleeve world is not stopping at PETG. There is more to go beyond PETG. It is important to explore options and choose right partner who can guide you for future in packaging excellence.

One needs to follow the right sequence in getting the PETG sleeve development done else they risk failure or delay in getting it right.

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