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Different types of Packaging Inks and usage

When you pick a product from Supermarket Isle, the first thing you notice is Packaging. known as the “Face of the Product”. This face of a product has many roles, and it is the result of the different industries working together.

Hello Everyone! I am Chetan Jain, Shrink Sleeve – Packaging Expert and Author of the Books – Sleeve it Right & 5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeve” Having 17 years of experience in this industry seems like a fresh approach because of fast-changing innovations.

Today we will discuss Printing Inks – an integral part of the packaging industry and its possibilities. The demographic of shopping is shifting very quickly, and hence the packaging requirements. Global regulatory bodies are vigilantly changing the guidelines and their implementation is as quick as they come into the market.

Barrier Inks and Coatings

A step-in packaging world, which makes the industry so advanced. Barrier Coatings, as the name suggests, provide a barrier to external factors like oxygen and UV rays from penetrating in. Barrier inks also help in the reduction of extra film layers and thus provide economic benefits from using less raw material. It increases the product’s shelf life. Dairy industries are opting for these inks in packaging technology.

Smart Inks

Smart inks are designed to act swiftly and inform customers about product freshness. With changes in moisture and temperature, the product (meat or vegetable) starts to decay. The change in chemistry triggered the change of ink from black to color. It is indeed the smarter way for the Next Gen technology in the packaging world.

Superior Inks

Now let’s take the category that provides the maximum exposure to a brand. This category has various options to serve different purposes. Let us take them one by one.

  • Tactile effect – These are the inks that are usually used in packaging where a natural look is required. This also adds to the 3D effect of the medium used. This ink improves the visual appeal to great extent.
  • Holographic effects – Inks that create a 3D effect by rendering a hologram on a flat surface. These inks also glow in the dark. Such effects are commonly used in the liquor industry to grab the eyes.
  • Foil Effects – These inks are used on exclusive or festive theme-related products. This gives a look in gold or silver foil over the packaging that creates an edge over other products.
  • Scented Inks – The prevalent trend of using varnish in Inks creates an undesired odour in packaging. To overcome smell issues, these inks are mixed with scented varnishes to create the desired fragrance. This is a huge step in the packaging world that engages our other sensory experiences more than usual.

We can go on and list out the other packaging ink marvels, but these are a few breakthroughs in the packaging world that are shifting consumers’ perspectives.

All these innovations come with a challenge in technical execution which can be done by having a Packaging guide by your side. To explore the opportunities of Printing Inks in your innovative Packaging, you can schedule a discovery call with me at www.chetan-jain.com