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Why is it right time to shift from PVC to PETG?

You might already be aware of the never-ending debate about which is better, PVC or PET-G. Though I have discussed it in detail in another article, post-COVID, this discussion has taken a new twist.

In this article, I would like to talk about the latest market trend that will change the way you think about Shrink Sleeve material choices and why there is no better time to switch from PVC to PET-G.

But first, a quick recap of the facts around PVC and PET-G:



Since long, PVC shrink sleeves have enjoyed majority status in the Indian packaging industry. Reasons are many.

  • PVC is a highly versatile, readily available material.
  • It is used extensively across different shrink tunnels and container materials.
  • Full-bodied PVC shrink sleeves simplify displaying critical product details specified by regulatory bodies.
  • PVC shrink films create a tamper-proof seal when attached to container caps, reducing the chances of adulteration.
  • PVC sleeves offer a 360° view of pre-formed film bands.

Despite benefits, PVC has titled the most TROUBLED plastic material. Its TD shrinkage is just 50%-60%, and without proper disposal, it poses a danger to human health and our environment.



An alternative to PVC shrink sleeve, PET-G shrink sleeve has good elasticity, endurance, higher TD shrinkage and chemical resistance sought-after in various production processes.

Over the years, more and more domestic and International FMCG manufacturers have considered shifting from PVC to PETG shrink sleeves – to become globally compliant and responsible brands.



Moving from PVC to PET-G is a process that requires

  • Proper planning and sufficient resources
  • Additional investments to setup sophisticated shrink tunnel infrastructure
  • A proficient packaging partner with knowledge and experience

 Many companies feel it is better to stick to PVC and avoid extra expenses. But COVID-19 has brought an unimaginable change.



For the last six or seven months, PVC Shrink Sleeve prices are at an all-time high, not just in India but globally as well. And industry experts predict that this will continue for several more months.

The struggle is real and it’s high time to bring this situation under control before it gets totally out of hand.

So How Do We Do It? Most of you have been talking, thinking and debating over moving from PVC shrink sleeve to PET-G shrink sleeve for a long time. And there is no better time to make this shift than NOW as most grades of PET-G are currently cheaper than CAST PVC shrink film. PET-G is also readily available with Indian manufacturers.



PVC will be further costlier in coming months. Instead of investing in over-expensive PVC (troubled plastic), this is a golden opportunity to make that long-overdue shift to PET-G shrink sleeves.

Taurus Packaging is here to assist you with the right expertise, knowledge, skilled technical team and years of experience to make an easy transition. Whether you have a steam tunnel, hot air tunnel, HD container, PP Container, Glass Bottle, or PET Bottle, we can help. We have successfully done many such projects with our clients.

For an expert opinion, feel free to reach out to me by booking a discovery call at www.chetan-jain.com, and I will be happy to assist you.