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Things you Should know While Selecting a SS Vendor

Your brand is only as good as the products you sell. But once you have developed superb products, the next crucial step is to find an excellent shrink sleeve supplier – the one who is capable of providing innovative, cutting-edge solutions for your ongoing packaging needs.

In this article, let’s discuss the five things to keep in mind while selecting the right Shrink Sleeve vendor for your business.

PROVEN EXPERTISE: Your shrink sleeve supplier must demonstrate remarkable technical excellence along with a strict adherence to shrink sleeve best practices.

Since each product comes with its own set of requirements, access to all the latest printing technologies is a must. The last thing you need or want is a sleeve supplier who lacks knowledge and fails to follow the right processes.


COLLABORATIVE SKILLS: Always work with a vendor with skills to understand your packaging requirements even better than you. You see, clear communication between you and them is crucial, especially when troubleshooting issues as they arise – as your supplier’s knowledge and experience can be critical to the success of your project. Hence, look for a shrink sleeve partner who is proactive both in thought and action.


 ENVIABLE EXPERIENCE: To benefit from the latest shrink sleeve innovations and set your products apart from the competition, find a shrink sleeve vendor experienced at handling multiple types of shrink sleevesubstrates. And make sure they have access to different printing technologies and grades of shrink films as one type of shrink film does not film all applications.


RIGHT INFRASTRUCTURE: Before finalizing the vendor, find out if they

  • Have a state-of-the-art R&D lab and an expert technical team?
  • Are they open to innovating their shrink sleeve packaging solutions?
  • Offer value-added and security sleeves?
  • Have the expertise to provide premium-looking sleeves?
  • Have a solution for distortion-free shrink sleeves and mock-ups?
  • Have the latest software for artworks, touch-ups & finalizing shrink results, etc.


ECONOMICAL SOLUTIONS: Lastly, finalize a shrink sleeve vendor capable of giving you economically-priced sleeves for all kinds of order quantities without high development costs.

Now that you know what to look for in a shrink sleeve supplier, let’s quickly discuss the prerequisites of a sound labeling partner for your brand.

Your product shrink labels serve the role of your silent sales team, turning your brand into an Ad-on-the-Shelf.

Now, to get the best results and magnify your sales figures, you need impressive, professional-looking shrink sleeve labels designed by an experienced and skilled shrink sleeve label supplier.

Always look for a sleeve manufacturer who:

  • Is skilled and experienced in label designing.
  • Knows how to work around common labeling issues, like shrinkages, especially when dealing with uniquely shaped products such as bottles.
  • Avoids delays and troubleshoots glitches through proactive thinking and quick action.
  • Provides innovation as it becomes available.
  • Uses latest sophisticated 3D modeling software to create exceptional art files that produce high-quality impressive finished labels, exactly as intended.
  • Provides advice on managing your artwork, proper storage, etc.
  • Ensures you have a consistent supply of labels and never run out on them.
  • Is dependable and accountable.



To get the best results from your packaging and labeling efforts, always work with a  reliable, professional, and skilled shrink sleeve partner. A positive relationship and collaboration with the right vendor can make your product’s packaging journey fun and hassle-free experience.

For the last 25 years, Taurus Packaging has been supplying the latest shrink sleeves and flexible packaging products to small/medium business and global firms. Our innovative H.I.P. framework is at the core of our any-volume flexible, faster, and futuristic shrink sleeve solutions.

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