Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves opportunity in Aerosol Packaging

Aerosols are commonly used in Indian homes nowadays. We might not be familiar with the term “Aerosol” however, the usage is very common. Some examples include mosquito repellent, spray paint, deodorants, shaving foam, room fresheners, and sanitizer spray.

The aerosol industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6 percent between 2020 and 2030. As a product, aerosols are usually packed in metal or plastic cylinders or cans. It is a comparatively less crowded section for the packaging industry. In this section as well, the FMCG giants influence the packaging.

As an Technical Author and Shrink Sleeve Expert, I was often asked about the scope for Shrink Sleeve in upcoming new sectors. I think Shrink Sleeve have been are considered as very underrated commodity in manufacturing. But no one realize, how Shrink Sleeves can elevate your brand value. My first book – “Sleeve it Right – 7 Secrets of Shrink Sleeves not known to India’s FMCG business” will give answers you are looking for.

Let’s look at the packaging trends in aerosols product. Most of the time, we see paper labels on deodorant bottles or printed CANs. Let’s go deeper into their manufacturing details. Cans are usually printed and kept for a long time. It necessitates a longer inventory period than other items. These Cans are subject to change due to changes in packaging details, and printing cannot be done again. This is not the case with shrink-sleeve packaging. Shrink sleeves a can be implemented on any cylinder or bottle in small quantities without having to keep large inventories. Of course, Shrink-sleeve provide much better brand visibility and durability as compared to paper labels.

We will take the example of the premium beverage brand “BIRA,” which resolved its packaging woes with Shrink sleeve technology. Bira used to have a large inventory of beer cans due to volatile government guidelines. With Shrink sleeves, Bira not only controlled its inventory issue but also won the Best Packaging Award.

Another benefit of implementing Shrink Sleeve on Cans / bottles is, the swift move towards recycling that comes with the easy peeling of shrink Sleeve from Can. Usually, these cans are recycled based on their raw material. Taking the shrink sleeves off bottles and cylinders starts the process with 1st step of recycling And it also reduces the efforts that go into the segregation of material.

I believe that using shrink sleeves in a sustainable manner helps both the environment and the organisation function properly.
The aerosol industry can gain a competitive advantage in packaging by being the first to market. They can be leaders, just like BIRA, whose case study can be read and implemented.

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