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Go Small – Importance of Short-Runs

Do you see a regular tiff with your printer over the MOQ’s? Printers refuse to accept lower quantity printing due to certain limitations. This is true. The traditional rotogravure printing method has limitations. There are a certain setup time and wastage to match colours. This time, wastage, low productivity comes at a cost that is then passed on to the customers. Additionally, high cylinder cost for low volumes certainly doesn’t help.

But imagine if you have a pilot launch, or want to test market a product or have multiple low volume SKUs, and you are stuck with the situation of buying high volumes and pay up for cylinders cost!
Shrink sleeve industry has been coping with this volume requirements or end up using the other labeling alternatives. This compromise has been a bottleneck for too long.

Introduction of Hybrid Sleeves using the H.I.P. Framework has changed the way you buy sleeves at any volumes. Yes, you read it right. Be it 100 sleeves or 10,000 sleeves. You can get it at a very optimum cost and that too without investing in the expensive cylinders. This saves so much of additional inventory, and MOQ tussle.

Advantages of Low Volumes
• Test market your product in a smaller market before bigger launch
• Small batch allows freedom to make changes in design for next purchase as per market and sales’ feedback
• Shrink sleeve comes with a shelf life. Don’t keep inventory more than your requirement
• You can develop more SKUs and variants without worrying about high inventory

This is how short-runs can help you to save your time and cost along with resulting in the creation of the quality products.

H.I.P. Framework is the future of shrink sleeves.