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4 Varieties Of Shrink Sleeves For Your Product Packaging Needs

The growth and popularity of custom shrink sleeves have revolutionised the Indian packaging industry. Since shrink sleeves easily take shape and size of product containers and support a wide range of applications, they have become the go-to choice for achieving packaging excellence by brands, designers and developers alike.

Let’s look at the four main shrink sleeves you can choose to give your products highrecall and exclusivity.


Full Body Shrink Sleeves: As the name suggests, full-body shrink sleevestake the shape and form of the full body or surface space of the product container. They cover the container from top to bottom along with the cap and provide complete 360-degree coverage. Such a full coverage offers ample space for displaying brand-specific marketing messaging, colourful graphics and artwork.Full-body shrink sleeves are also an excellent choice for combination packaging.


Partial Shrink Sleeves: Sleeves that do not cover the product container in their entirety are categorised as partial shrink sleeves. These standard sleeves may encase most or a large part of the container but not its neck or cap. It means that partial sleeves are generally preferred when sealing the container with a tamper-proof seal isn’t required. The perforated edges make the sleeves easily removable which helps with hassle-free recycling.


Multi-Pack or Combination Shrink Sleeves: For those times when you wish to package two or more of your products together as a single unit, multi-pack shrink sleeves are an excellent choice.This form of packaging comes in handy when brands run promotional offers and schemes such as Buy 1 Get 1 and Free Samples, etc.


Neck Bands:  Neck shrink sleeve labels are the most basic and small-sized packaging labels or shrink films used to seal bottle caps. The good thing about these labels is that despite their small size, they are brandable. These tamper-evident neck seals have perforated marks which make them easy to de-seal and dispose of by the customer.



Acing your product’s packaging has a lot to do with selecting the most suitable shrink sleeves and getting the process right. In addition to offering a 100% coverage area, heat shrink sleeves are waterproof, come with UV protection and can easily shrink on any container with no compromise on shape.

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